Market leading SaaS vendors all offer low-code studios.
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Why Is Low-Code The Answer?

Major SaaS vendors and ISV partners worldwide have recognised the importance low-code will play in both their growth and their core products accessibility, customisation and development.

Gartner also forecasts that low-code will account for 65% of all application development by 2024 and estimate its value to be $187 Billion by 2030.

But, don't just take our word for it...

Case Study: CivicPlus

CivicPlus is a Kansas headquartered provider of software solutions for around 4,000 Local Government Authorities across North America.

After nearly 20 years of successful operation they identified two key requirements that would underpin future growth:
1) more agile low-code development tools so that their customers could become more responsive to changing citizen needs, leading to…
2) an expansion into back-office business process solutions (with higher ACVs) alongside their traditional citizen-facing products.

Having spent a lot of time on in-house development to remedy these product portfolio needs, they eventually decided to look for experienced partners who could provide saleable (but still CP focused) solutions in the shortest possible timeframe, and, provide expertise and guidance on how to sell and support these new products.

CivicPlus chose OneBlink to form their new Civic Optimise division, focused on Low-code DIY development of business process apps.

The unique CivicPlus LCAP solution was launched for sale within 6 weeks of completing the White Label Agreement, and following one lighthouse customer, 4 separate multi-year sales were achieved in the 6 weeks following launch.

In the 6 months following launch:

Early clients provided case studies and participated in webinars

Even further sales have been

The company has built a prospect pipeline in excess of $1M

A roadmap of integrations and features specific to this market sector has been established

Both parties have further agreed to establish additional infrastructure to service the Canadian market

The first working ‘solution applet’ product has been developed and is being introduced to BETA prospects

"Partnering and White Labelling is the fastest way for SaaS vendors and ISVs to add powerful low/no-code app builders and power greater UI flexibility in their existing products, all without R&D."

Katrina Lewison - VP CivicOptimize, CivicPlus

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