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How delivering an electronic docketing solution has improved the business process of tracking and recording the delivery of wood product from the forest to their customers.


Forestry Corporation NSW has delivered an electronic docketing solution (EDx) to improve the process of tracking and recording the delivery of wood product from the forest to their customers.

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Forestry Corporation of NSW Pain Point

Previous manual system had Inspectors spending approximately 2 days per week in the office. There were impacts to the overall client experience and missed opportunities for Inspectors to provide clients with immediate access to relevant information at the time of interaction. Inspectors needed to call the office to create entities and check interstate licences.

Forestry Corporation of NSW Solution

Electronic Docketing app for contracted trucking firms to use during the pickup and delivery of wood to a customer site/mill. App is device/OS agnostic and allows for contractors to ‘bring their own device’. Offers ‘offline first’ capability and custom GPS tracking with a live portal displaying truck journeys in real time. Allows for multi-part workflows where one driver can start the delivery and another driver with another device could pick up the truck and continue the delivery. Features automatic submission/syncing of docket/ GPS data without user interaction. Integration directly to FCNSW’s asset/financial/sales system.

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Forestry Corporation of NSW Next Stage

A stock taking solution is in development at present, allowing any user (across FCSNW or Contractor groups) to upload a real time view of stock on hand.

In the next phase of the project, FCNSW will look to automate the weighbridge process for the docketing app. We will provide an API and beacon integration for customer weighbridges to upload truck weight information directly into the app.

Forestry Corporation of NSW Testimonial

“What attracted us was that they were able to offer us the full mobility solution – a smart application integrated with our existing business systems and an ongoing support network for the system, staff and end users. This provides the benefits of improved business processes without needing to have the time or technical resources in house. The team have repeatedly been able to find clever solutions to some of our complex business processes.”

Russell Riepsamen
Project Coordinator
Forestry Corporation of NSW


The FCNSW EDx app was scoped and developed late 2015 and then deployed early 2016. A number of iterations have been deployed since then to add and refine functionality.

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Lessons Learned

A hero user group was one of the fundamental learnings from the project. By involving a sample of proactive users early in the project, we were able to get valuable insight and feedback. Hero users also helped with adoption by promoting the solution and building excitement during its development and testing phases.

OneBlink's Experiences

A strong emphasis on UX and simplicity assisted the adoption of the solution, when considering a less ‘tech savvy’ user base. Successfully melding the BYOD and ‘evergreen’ benefits of web apps with (seemingly conflicting) offline operation.

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