LcS For Developers

Low-code Application Development doesn’t have to be all about business level users OneBlink provides all of its Low-code tools as services, all accessed via our SDK. Work the way you want, with the frameworks and libraries you like.

LcS for developers

Developers should be focused on high valued activities

Top developer talent needs to be focused on the highest value activities that are specific to your needs, not building forms and associated services or creating deployment infrastructure. OneBlink provides a set of packages and services that developers will appreciate because they don’t limit creativity by limiting them to a closed environment.

Forms creation and handling services

Forms creation
and handling services

With OneBlink, forms are built with a high level builder, but the JSON definitions can also be managed in code. There are a wide range of elements and controls that can be employed to satisfy most interactions, including dynamic data retrieval and dynamic element creation. There’s easy linkage to APIs to retrieve option sets and to retrieve data.

Forms rendering in
your apps

You can render forms either using OneBlink’s Forms-as-a-Service capability in which you manage the forms handling but the Form is called and rendered by OneBlink, or you can include the Forms renderer in your app code.

Forms rendering in your apps
Forms handling


The Forms service provides helpers for handling forms, in particular for managing more complex forms interactions including dynamic elements and repeating sets.

App services and helpers:

When constructing a process-oriented app that’s linked into your corporate systems there’s a lot of management that has to be performed within the app. This needs to be well thought out and can sap lots of time. OneBlink provides packages that provide services for:


Downloading jobs for a logged in user together with the required forms and pre-fill data for the job

Offline operations

Including offline status checking, job data downloads, pending queue management

Authentication service

Including user login and password handling, and token handling

Drafts & Submissions handling

Push Notifications service

Autosave service

Payments service

Localisation service

Error handling helper

CLI tools for deployment and provisioning

Almost all apps that integrate into corporate systems need to use intermediate APIs. Whether it’s doing intermediate processing, routing workflows or unpacking forms submissions to send to multiple systems, there’s almost always server code to write.

Monitoring API

OneBlink provides easy to access graphical API metrics for usage and errors within the OneBlink Console as well as health indicators.

Monitoring API health
Access to Server Logs

Access to
Server Logs

For debugging your end-to-end solutions you have easy access to server logs for any time period from within the Console.

Managing API and
Front-end Environments

Multiple API environments are easily set up so you can deploy to dev, test and production without having to do tedious setup. You can also manage your front-end forms and apps in environments too, enabling you to completely isolate production from testing in all aspects of your solution. OneBlink offers the convenience of scoped and unscoped environment variables for API environments.

Managing API and Front-end Environments
OneBlink CDN CLI

OneBlink CDN

In addition to simple deployment of API code, OneBlink makes it simple to deploy your custom web app code to the OneBlink CDN with a single command without worrying about setting up resources or creating additional accounts on services to run the application.

OneBlink API

OneBlink’s Deployment and Provisioning tools minimise time-consuming aspects of provisioning infrastructure and deploying your API code. You can build and test your APIs locally and then deploy them into our managed infrastructure on AWS with just a few lines of CLI code

OneBlink API CLI