Low-Effort Digital Transformation
OneBlink's LcS & AWS

Born on the AWS Cloud, OneBlink's Low-code Suite LcS enables customers to rapidly design and deploy mobile and web apps that improve both their business processes as well as the customer experience, all without coding or separate cloud infrastructure.

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OneBlink’s Low-code Suite on AWS Powers Low-Effort Digital Transformation

Organisations are being challenged more and more to improve their operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and better support their employees. If they don’t they’ll be outcompeted, have challenges attracting the staff they need, or simply fail in their duty to provide the services expected of them.

OneBlink’s LcS allows organisations to more easily build their own process-oriented business solutions (from basic through to complex) in response to specific business needs, and use integrations and workflows to remove traditional bottlenecks.

By running LcS on AWS, OneBlink supports non-developers and developers alike to take advantage of the power and security of an advanced AWS implementation regardless of their AWS experience.

OneBlink LcS For:

  • It’s all very well for non-technical business users to be able to create an app quickly, but ensuring that it’s deployed in an enterprise grade manner in terms of security, scalability, performance and reliability is just as important. OneBlink ensures fast app load performance from anywhere in the world using AWS Cloudfront and Lambda at Edge, and well secured, load-balanced API services through AWS API Gateway. While virtually unlimited user growth is assured through use of AWS Lambda functions for all server-side processing. So when a non-developer puts their rapidly developed app into production they’re assured of enterprise grade infrastructure to underpin it.

  • OneBlink adopts a different approach to increasing the velocity of development teams (to that taken for non-developers). Most devs find ‘point-and-click’ tools can get in the way - yes they want to take advantage of tools to do the heavy lifting, but typically as SDKs that they can integrate easily into their stack. The OneBlink SDK and CLI tools provide all of the powerful forms development, workflow and API handling functions of the platform, and then allow devs to deploy to AWS-based production environments with a single command. Meaning that IT Teams can also take advantage of the power and security of an AWS infrastructure without needing to be versed in every AWS service.

  • OneBlink LcS is built to power process-oriented business solutions, it includes all the tools such solutions need - a sophisticated forms/app builder, approvals workflows, appointment scheduling, payment handling, and both lookups and submission integrations to core business systems.

    OneBlink’s LcS is a Low-code app building platform that enables organisations to break the app backlog in two ways. Firstly, it enables non-developers to create many of the apps that are needed for their own departments - offloading much of the ‘grunt work’ from developer teams for them to focus on the more complex challenges. Secondly it significantly increases developer velocity by providing tools that simplify the ‘heavy lifting’ of creating bespoke apps. Hard stuff like managing offline functionality, PDF generation, job management, forms rendering, user authentication, API/CDN hosting and many other functions.

How LcS differs from other No-Code & Low-Code
Application Development Platforms

Whilst business users can create sophisticated apps very quickly, we also increase developer productivity with tools they genuinely value.

Business users can

Customise and deploy a PWA without coding

Link into APIs both in-form and on submission

Create conditional behaviours

Interface to many corporate systems through Microsoft Power Automate

Utilise authentication services such as Active Directory with ease

Business users can take advantage of developer provided CSS

iPad Inspection App

Developers can

Build Forms using APIs or the forms builder front end

Utilise high level APIs and packages for: Forms handling, Forms rendering, Job management, Offline operation, Drafts/Pending, Autosave, Notifications, Authentication and more

Build, Test, Deploy and manage API code without having to provision cloud resources (NoOps)

Easily access server logs to aid end-to-end debugging and problem resolution