LcS (Low-code Suite)

LcS is OneBlink’s Low-code app development suite that streamlines all aspects of creating and managing business process or activity-centric mobile and web apps.

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LcS for developers

D.I.Y Digital Optimisation

LcS allows organisations to build solutions (from basic through to complex) in response to specific business needs. With LcS, your business teams can quickly create activity-centric mobile/web applications, while your IT teams can still conduct custom coding and take advantage of hosted cloud infrastructure, IoT connectivity and services that remove all the cost and complexity of ongoing operations.

  • Build Business Process Apps

    LcS enables non-technical employees to quickly build forms, associated content (such as work guides or instructions), and progressive web apps (PWAs).

    Developers can integrate forms and info page rendering, or other services like offline, draft/pending ques and jobs management into any native or web app with the software development kit (SDK).

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  • Customise Business Process Apps

    Non-technical employees can easily customise key app components such as icons, splash screens, app names, banner images, menu bars and colour themes—all without coding.

    Developers can extend version one work by targeting individual form and app elements with custom CSS and customise any aspect of the PWA interface.

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  • Integrate Business Process Apps

    LcS comes ready with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft's Power Automate, plus pre-built connectors from Trim, Bpoint Auth0 and AD.

    Developers can use Power Automate’s time-saving workflow capabilities in conjunction with LcS tools to test, host and manage any custom built APIs or endpoints.

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  • Manage Business Process Apps

    LcS allows administrators to manage permissions for console users, control access to apps, monitor API health, manage developer keys and monitor account usage.

    LcS is regarded as a NoOps service meaning organisations also save money on system administrators and expensive cloud practitioners with services like our one-step deployment and server log viewer.

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  • Analyse Business Process Apps

    Non-technical employees can instantly deploy digital forms and info pages ‘-as-a-Service’, or offline-first, using PWAs.

    Developers can also deploy their custom LcS SDK enabled web apps with a single command, as well as integrating the code behind many No/Low-code features into their own native apps.

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  • All OneBlink clients enjoy an analytics dashboard to see relevant usageas well as API performance metrics.

    Beyond this standard feature you always have the option of using MS Power Automate to seamlessly integrate your app data into tools such as Power BI or Tableau.

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  • Extend Business Process Apps

    LcS supports agile, iterative development unlimited environments for dev, test, production, etc. While the unique preview function provides console users a fully functioning model of their changes and edits as soon as you select ‘save’.

    LcS provides a modem SDK (in both .NET and Node.JS) and unlocks many No/Low-code services via the GitHub, NPM and NuGet sites.

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Removing The Risk

All mobile/web app projects start out with a raft of compelling business benefits. And more often than you realise, a range of impediments are uncovered mid-project which kill or delay genuine opportunities. After experiencing hundreds of projects, OneBlink LcS works to mitigate many of the common issues which impede project success. Issues such as:



Cross Device Compatibility

Data Orchestration

Data Sovereignty

System Extensibility

LcS customers span many industry segments

including Transport & Logistics, Local/State Government, Construction, Education, Financial Services, Utilities and Healthcare.

Barwon Health
Brisbane Catholic Education
Forestry Corporation of NSW
NS Food Authority
Onsite Rentals
SafeWork NSW
Sunshine Coast Council