Low-code Application Development for Business Processes

    OneBlink LcS is a Low-code Suite of tools and managed services that is ideally suited to Mid-Large Enterprise and Government Agencies seeking to digitally transform or optimise a range of business processes.

  • Forms Based Activity Apps


    Field workers are tasked with a plethora of form filling every day

    Be they internal or contracted inspectors, auditors or assessors, the one common need they all have is an easier and quicker way to receive jobs, see history, access guides (or legislation), and complete jobs - all in one visit, all without coming back to the office.

  • Connect With Your Systems


    And extend those old, legacy software packages

    Combine the ability to easily build, host and call your custom endpoints, with pre-built connectors for Active Directory, Auth0, Trim, BPoint plus the hundreds of connectors from MS Power Automate.


    IT Teams also need tools to accelerate business process apps

    Low-code is clearly important. But we firmly believe that “value is created at the speed of the slowest/weakest elements”, that is why OneBlink LcS addresses the needs of all those involved in enterprise app development - business users all the way through to your most senior developers.

Enhance Your Productivity With Automated Workflows

This eBook explores why effective workflows have never been more essential for organisations needing to disseminate increasingly large amounts of data for actionable results.

Simple to complex to mission-critical

LcS (Low-code Suite) empowers an organisations’ business users to conduct their own development via No/Low-code Tools, while also providing services that increase the productivity of IT Teams as they undertake custom development

Work From Home App Template
Forestry Corporation of NSW App
Volunteer App Template
SafeWork NS Speak Up App
Sunshine Coast Council App
Newcastle Game Off App
Good To Go IoT App

Outgrown your templated checklist apps?

Now build customised activity-oriented app solutions for any field worker

Combining powerful eForms and Info Page builders, app deployment options, hosted cloud infrastructure, webservice and API solutions to secure your data, IoT connectivity, plus performance monitoring and analytics, all within AWS’ powerful enterprise grade cloud - it has never been easier to build business process app solutions for:

WHS Compliance


Pre-start Checklists


On-site Audits


Risk Assessment


Workguides and Manuals

and Manuals

Result Calculators


Asset Inspections


Safety Checks


Infringement Reporting


...and many more

... all connected into your existing systems

Connect your eForms to your existing systems

With pre-built connectors for Active Directory, Auth0, Trim, BPoint plus the hundreds of connectors
from MS Power Automate we make it easy to connect to your existing systems

OneBlink LcS Connectors Find our profile on MS Power Automate

OneBlink ConsoleOneBlink SDK on Github

No or Low-code is only half the answer

While business users benefit from the rapid delivery a No-code / Low-code platform provides, the demands of business process apps for Enterprise or Government also require open and for-purpose tools, and NoOps services that assist IT teams.

LcS origins began in the developer world, and our selection of advanced developer tools culminates with the OneBlink SDK.

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“Primary barriers to mobile initiatives are resource related, including funding, staff hours and skills gaps…”

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“Surveys have found that organisations are developing far fewer apps than projected demand…”

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“By 2020, two-thirds of all custom employee-facing mobile apps will be created by enterprise business analysts using coding-optional tools…”

How LcS differs from other No-Code & Low-Code
Application Development Platforms

Whilst business users can create sophisticated apps very quickly, we also increase developer productivity with tools they genuinely value.

Business users can

Customise and deploy a PWA without coding

Link into APIs both in-form and on submission

Create conditional behaviours

Interface to many corporate systems through Microsoft Power Automate

Utilise authentication services such as Active Directory with ease

Business users can take advantage of developer provided CSS

iPad Inspection App

Developers can

Build Forms using APIs or the forms builder front end

Utilise high level APIs and packages for: Forms handling, Forms rendering, Job management, Offline operation, Drafts/Pending, Autosave, Notifications, Authentication and more

Build, Test, Deploy and manage API code without having to provision cloud resources (NoOps)

Easily access server logs to aid end-to-end debugging and problem resolution