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How SafeWork NSW and the SaFE Mobility application opened critical business systems to Inspectors in the field.


The SaFE Mobility application opened critical business systems to Inspectors in the field, both on and offline. Benefits from the early roll out have included: mobile access to mainframe systems, duplication of work removed (no more paper entries being typed into a database for the SaFE functions) and a reduction in ‘back to base’ travel

Plus, SafeWork Inspectors now have the ability to share current/approved safety information directly with the customer at the time of the interaction, ensuring both parties leave the discussion confident that everything is clearly understood.

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SafeWork NSW's Pain Point

Previous manual system had Inspectors spending approximately 2 days per week in the office. There were impacts to the overall client experience and missed opportunities for Inspectors to provide clients with immediate access to relevant information at the time of interaction. Inspectors needed to call the office to create entities and check interstate licences.

SafeWork NSW's Solution

The SaFE Mobility Application allows single capture of ALL job information, removing previous duplication and matching of paper forms, ability to update jobs in the field, with or without internet connectivity, ability to create, issue, print or email inspection reports and notices to clients, ability to capture and upload photographs, immediate access to client and job history in the field and automated record keeping direct into TRIM.

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SafeWork NSW's Next Stage

Work with OneBlink to increase the job types and notices available within the App, and to further improve existing functionality (working through early user feedback). Work with OneBlink to create task specific analytics to identify usage patterns and drive adoption.

SafeWork NSW Testimonial

“Several processes have been completely replaced. Working directly with developers is critical in delivering a quality product. OneBlink’s team are flexible and willing to please. Our team appreciated how they always suggest better ways of solving the problem and future proofing what they deliver. ”

Donna Avery
Manager, Systems & Process Improvement
SafeWork NSW


The SaFE Mobility application was released to a pilot group of 36 Inspectors in July 2016. Enhancements were released during the pilot phase to stabilise the application and deliver changes based on feedback received from the pilot group Inspectors. Full roll out to 400 users completed within 12 months.

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Lessons Learned

More time could have been taken in the initial stages to workshop requirements with the end users prior to development work commencing. A misunderstanding of the definition of the term “pilot” may have caused some confusion during the development process. When working under an Agile methodology the business needs direct access to developers.

OneBlink's Experiences

Details matter when integrating into host systems. Make sure the APIs and connectivity into your host systems exist and are serviceable before starting projects that require integration. Don’t try to deliver the ‘final system’ in the first pass. As they begin to really work with new mobile workflows your employees change their minds about what works in real life and a prototype / MVP with ongoing feature development means you can deliver better and faster. You also minimise scope creep this way since you’re managing smaller deliveries each time.

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