LcS For Business Users

LcS (Low-code Suite) empowers an organisations’ business users to conduct their own development via No-code and Low-code Tools

LcS for business users

Business users are driven by ‘need it now’

OneBlink meets the needs of non-technical business users, BA's/Project Managers to rapidly build powerful web/mobile apps that transform traditional work practices and drive employee productivity.

The added benefit of LcS for these non-technical users is they develop their solutions safe in the knowledge that their IT Teams can support them and extend early work into more robust enterprise compliant apps.


Quickly model all your paper based forms as intelligent eForms, utilising a device's native functionality such as camera, photo annotation, GPS, and text-to-speech to enrich form submissions like never before.

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(work guides and manuals)

Stop asking your end users to carry around mountains of work guides, manuals or even legislation. By digitising them and putting them alongside their respective eForms your users have access to the info they need for that specific activity, at their fingertips.

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Your app,
your branding

Unlike off the shelf apps, the apps you build in LcS are apps that incorporate your corporate style guide. Logos, colours, font's can all be changed without the intervention of a graphic designer or your IT team.

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Connect your eForms to your existing systems

With pre-built connectors for Active Directory, Auth0, Trim, BPoint plus the hundreds of connectors
from MS Power Automate we make it easy to connect to your existing systems

OneBlink LcS Connectors Find our profile on MS Power Automate

Control access
via LcS

Whether it be user permissions to simply build vs publish and delete apps and eForms, or secure access to individual apps, user management is controlled all within the one location.

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Deployment made

LcS producess 'offline ready' progressive web apps (PWAs), out of the box with no need for custom developement or the ominous task of Dealing with Apple's App store or Google's Play store..

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All LcS users have a custom analytics dashboard to see your relevant usage & performance metrics. Beyond this standard feature you always have the option of using MS Flow to integrate your app data into tools such as Power BI or Tableau..

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