Collaboration amongst different groups and unification of your application development efforts lies at the heart of the OneBlink Suite. This is because most organisations development efforts are hampered by the incompatibility of toolset ‘silos’, each directed at different skills and capabilities within an organisation.

Tools that non-technical business users (or citizen developers) like, aren’t supported by IT. And tools developers love can’t be understood by business users.

Consider instead a single collaborative environment that is equally suited to the varying needs of business users as well as your IT purists. An environment where business users can quickly get ‘grass-roots’ projects off the ground and tested, and able to pass that early work to developers with a clear set of requirements to turn a good project, in something great.

Not only is such scalable development faster, its also far less risky, as IT is only investing time in those projects where the business has done the leg work and has data to support a use case.

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