OneBlink Release - 24th September 2018

  • Monday, 24 September 2018 09:00
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We are delighted to announce our newest release. This release includes additional user management functionality, as well as new element types including barcode scanning and information. We’ve also introduced a new auto saving feature to prevent loss of form data.

Form Library Management
Console managers in an organisation are now able to specify when creating or modifying a user if that user will be able to authenticate and publish forms to the forms library. This setting gives another level of control that a manager can use to give more permissions to their trusted user groups.

Information Element
In many forms there is usually an informative section of text. This is often used to clarify different sections of the form, explaining concepts, provide useful information to the user, e.g. Terms and Conditions. To fill this need we have added the new Information element type. This will allow you to write informative text and add some simple styling.

Auto Saving
If you need to leave your form to open another application, take a phone call, or your device loses battery, the form data is stored. When opening a form that has already been started you will be asked if you would like to continue the already started form or start fresh with a clean form.

Barcode Scanning
We have now introduced the out of the box barcode scanning functionality. This can be added to a form by choosing the Barcode Scanner element type.

To increase the performance even more, the barcode scanner can be restricted to search for specific types of barcodes.