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Sydney, 29th April, 2021 – OneBlink, Australia's leading Low-code Application Development Platform (LCAP), today announced a partnership agreement and ‘out of the box’ integration with Australian location and sensing vendor Spotto.

Spotto has made the set up and use of real-time indoor asset tracking and sensing simple for any organization to install - without requiring wiring or IT involvement. Out of the box, Spotto will tell you where assets are right now, what’s in a location, and when assets arrive or leave. It can also carry other IoT data such as temperature, orientation, movement etc. alongside the location information.

“Spotto is the ideal IoT partner for OneBlink”, said Darren Besgrove, OneBlink’s CEO, “OneBlink’s strength is putting custom app development into the hands of business users. Spotto does the same for IoT. Making it simple for OneBlink apps to access Spotto means that non-technical users can create location-aware apps and then automate the logical business steps or processes that typically come after an asset is located.”

With this integration, OneBlink’s Low-code Suite (LcS) now allows organisations to build further intelligence and actionable workflows around all manner of found assets. This includes answers to questions like: ‘What version or model is it?’, ‘How do I operate it?’ and ‘How do I test or check it?’. Such activities can then extend to: ‘Give me the right form to conduct an inspection of this asset’ or ‘Begin the process to report a fault/issue’.

OneBlink has a number of ready-made templates in the LcS platform for common ‘located assets’ tasks, but customers can also create custom solutions to suit their specific needs, all without having to write a line of code.

OneBlink is also the perfect integration engine should a customer wish to integrate inspection and status data with their central Asset Management System.

“We’re very excited about partnering with OneBlink” said Alan Williams, Spotto’s CEO, “together we’re already opening up new opportunities for location-aware solutions in government and enterprises. A great example is how, in just a few days, OneBlink created a prototype service using Spotto that allows users to register a collection of packages to be tracked together and send alarms if an item goes missing – all done with a minimum of infrastructure and customized to a user’s specific workflow needs”.

About OneBlink
OneBlink is an Australian-headquartered ISV who has built it’s Low-code Application Development Platform on the back of AWS’ global infrastructure, and has been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2015.

Combining low/no-code smart forms, mobile and web app builders, with powerful developer-centric tools for integrations and workflow, IoT, API management, hosting and No-ops deployment, OneBlink is a proven solution for mid-large enterprises and government agencies seeking to digitally transform or optimise a range of business processes.

Beyond AWS accreditations for Mobile and Government, OneBlink was awarded Cloud World Forum’s “Best Enterprise Mobility Solution - 2015” in London.

Media enquiries: Darren Besgrove, OneBlink CEO +61 418 280 764

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Fast facts about OneBlink

Based in Gosford, New South Wales

Focuses on Business Process Improvement

Founded in 2005 as BlinkMobile

Turnsover more than $3.5 million p/a

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