On Monday, OneBlink deployed a new iteration of its LCAP, LcS with a significant addition for government and enterprises looking to further customise the user interface of their Business Process Improvement Apps.

‘Tiles’, a new App type within LcS allows console administrators to further style and customise their Business Process Improvement Apps by changing layouts between a singular ‘List’ view of forms and info pages, and a ‘Tiled’ (or button) navigation view.

This new tiled view not only allows jobs, priority forms or info pages to be accessed directly from a home screen ‘tile’, it also enables a new navigation layer to LcS progressive web apps which we call ‘containers’. Essentially, a container allows a LcS console administrator to categorise forms or activities under specific tiles for departments, teams or work groups.

Customising this new navigation layer is simple - selecting Tiles as the App type enables LcS console administrators to apply colours and wide choice of icons to the tile without any additional CSS.

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