With the NSW Government’s support, software firm OneBlink has clinched overseas partnerships and contracts.

OneBlink’s low-code software (LcS) is used by organisations to improve their business processes. After rebranding in 2018, it wanted to grow its revenue by expanding internationally, with a particular focus on the US. With NSW Treasury’s help, OneBlink has won several contracts in the US that have delivered 40 new customers to the firm.

Software developer OneBlink was founded as BlinkMobile in 2005. To stay relevant as technology and customer tastes have evolved, the firm has reinvented itself several times. Since 2018, it has bee known as OneBlink and focused on providing tools and managed services that help organisations accelerate the development of software applications.

As part of this rebrand, the Gosford-based firm sought to grow beyond Australia and New Zealand, where it has worked mostly with businesses and government agencies. It specifically wanted to form partnerships and technical alliances in the United States (US).

Through introductions and support from NSW Treasury, OneBlink found partners with the technical competencies and a customer base it was looking for. This helped the firm secure two US local government contracts, which contributed 20 per cent of its revenue and enabled OneBlink to gain 40 new customers in the first year of those agreements. The firm expects to secure other US contracts in 2021.

In August 2020, OneBlink became one of only 15 companies to participate in the second Denver Global Landing Pad. The business acceleration program provides tools and connections to help small foreign companies explore the potential of doing business in Denver, Colorado. Not only was this a great achievement for OneBlink, it opened an opportunity to broaden its US footprint.

While the firm’s immediate priority is to grow in North America, OneBlink also has plans to expand into the United Kingdom and European markets. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Darren Besgrove believes the firm has what it takes to capture more overseas markets, thanks to its technical capabilities and world-class products.

“Our competitive advantage is our excellent technical staff working from our regional NSW base,” he says. “We gained a large part of our expertise from working with innovative NSW Government clients, particularly the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Biosecurity & Food Safety division and SafeWork NSW.”

As OneBlink expands its international business, Besgrove expects the firm to work more closely with the NSW Government.

“We’ve learned invaluable lessons from participating in many NSW Government events and have been introduced to key networks and programs in the US to help Australian companies get established quickly and correctly in this vast market,” he says. “We look forward to our continued success by working with the government in such a collaborative way.”

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Fast facts about OneBlink

Based in Gosford, New South Wales

Focuses on Business Process Improvement

Founded in 2005 as BlinkMobile

Turnsover more than $3.5 million p/a

Employs nearly 20 people