OneBlink today confirmed it had further deepened its partnership with US software/solutions vendor CivicPlus ( Under the new agreement OneBlink will White Label its award winning Low-code Application Development Platform (LCAP) to CivicPlus. The OneBlink LcS (Low-code Suite) is a SaaS solution that accelerates an organisations’ building of their own custom web/mobile apps.

CivicPlus will take the solution to market under the Productivity brand and it will form the basis of CivicOptimise Solutions for Local Government clients to embark upon the digital transformation of many legacy and paper-based processes. Initially focusing on the digitization of legacy citizen interations, CivicPlus see an even bigger opportunity to venture into the ‘back-office’ and demonstrate transformation of internal or employee-centric business processes, particularly those of mobile field workers.

The White Label/OEM Agreement is for a 5 Year term with options to extend past this date. OneBlink and CivicPlus have an extensive roadmap of ongoing development of Productivity, including how all CivicPlus products can be integrated so that customers can further customize and extend their existing investments. Beyond this, the solutions’ open APIs will work to extend its transformation capabilities into many 3rd party legacy systems holding back the local government market.

CivicPlus is the dominant provider of ‘citizen engagement’ software to North American local government authorities, with more than 4,000 customers. Over the course of this agreement both OneBlink and CivicPlus believe that most of these customers will take up the Productivity solution as the demands for digital transformation grow ever stronger.

Darren Besgrove, OneBlink CEO said, "Ever since we began working with CivicPlus on CP Mobile, we saw an opportunity for a deeper relationship and how our primary low-code solution which is used by many Australian Local Government Authorities, could be introduced to North American Municipalities. With digital transformation being such a hot topic with Governments globally and low-code development capability being a major driver of such transformations, it was only natural that we’d end up in this position with our chosen partner.”

Jonathan Wiersma, CivicPlus Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, said, “Productivity is the company’s first low-code development offering and the only tool in the CivicOptimize suite so far, with more to come. He said for governments

looking to create new online portals or mobile/web apps, Productivity is a faster and more flexible option than the company’s more bespoke software, with more potential use cases. Low-code is a must-have now, because it’s a changing world where I need to stand up a system quickly, or change a system quickly.

About OneBlink
OneBlink develops and markets the OneBlink LcS (Low-code Suite), a low-code application development environment that accelerates an organisations’ building of their own custom web/mobile apps. The focus of the LcS in on the easy application of web/mobile and associated technologies (such as IoT), to transform and optimise an organisations business processes for field staff and mobile employees.

Uniquely the OneBlink LcS provides not just low-code form and app builders suited to business level users, but a comprehensive suite of tools and services that free up valuable time for developers and IT teams and remove the burden of solution deployements, cloud operations and the integration with existing business systems.

OneBlink is 100% Australian owned company with a 16-year history in innovative mobile solutions that promote business process improvements for Government and enterprise.

Media enquiries: Darren Besgrove, OneBlink CEO +61 418 280 764

Fast facts about OneBlink

Based in Gosford, New South Wales

Focuses on Business Process Improvement

Founded in 2005 as BlinkMobile

Turnsover more than $3.5 million p/a

Employs nearly 20 people