Build sign-offs and approval workflows, with conditional logic
and appended data capabilities to your eForms submissions.

Enhance your apps and business processes with OneBlink's LcS approval workflow engine

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...and do it all with no-code

Allow everyone in your organisation (regardless of their technical experience), to create
custom approval workflows in line with your organisation’s policies and procedures.

OneBlink LcS Approvals Workflow Clarification

Go beyond approvals and rejections

There may be times where an eForm submission is missing data or, perhaps as an approver you may require more information. With OneBlink's LcS approval workflow engine, approvers can seek further clarification from infield workers submitting eForms.

Approvals in the field

Whether your approvers are in the field on their phone or tablet or, they're working from base they will have the same ability and functionality to approve eForm submissions on the go.

OneBlink LcS Approvals Workflow Mobile View

Route your eForms for approval conditionally
or to whole groups

Have your eForms data routed to various stakeholders within an organisation conditionally based on responses from within individual form elements
or route your eForm approval to be approved by a group of stakeholders.

OneBlink LcS Approval Workflows Conditional Logic

And all with no-code

OneBlink 's LcS approval workflow engine provides the interface and customisation required to create fully functioning apps supported by approval workflows without any coding.

OneBlink LcS Approvals Workflow No-Code