• OneBlink Forms

    OneBlink Forms

    Intuitive 'point & click' forms builder that resides in your own app, submits data to your business systems, and importantly still produces form definition code for developers to enhance.

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  • OneBlink IoT

    OneBlink IoT

    Out of the box integration with Spotto’s managed RFID/NFC tags means you can link your OneBlink Forms to any of Spotto’s ‘managed things’.

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  • OneBlink Apps

    OneBlink Apps

    Instantly deploy functional forms to your users as webapps. Apply CCS as required, and use standard CLi tools to enrich functionality. One click transitions from web apps to hybrid apps.

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  • OneBlink Analytics

    OneBlink Analytics

    Powerful KPI tracking, app performance metrics and usage analytics with ‘out of the box’ settings that can be further expanded as required.

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  • OneBlink Integration

    OneBlink Integration

    In addition to your own app, OneBlink forms gives you your own data in your own AWS repository, with the ability to create simple submission events or more complex integrations with your business systems.

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  • OneBlink Console

    OneBlink Console

    A single console provides easy access to all key elements of all development projects, including certificates, data endpoints, service ‘health’ and performance indicators of key components.

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