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I've done it now. 2 years since my 1st Apple purchase (and not that of OneBlink's) I've completely changed to Apple.

Ahhhh!!!! What have you done Jay! Let me explain.

After buying my 1st iPhone 2 years ago I wanted the fully connected experience and over the past 24 months I've invested heavily in Apple products.

Let me sound off for you exactly what I've done:

  • With my iPhone X not having an 3.5 headphone connection invested in AirPods. Not quite sure why, I drive to work and my phone is connected to my car via Blutooth, I honestly don't remember the last time I used headphones in my personal life (unless I was video editing in the office). Oh well, I've got AirPods.
  • I bought a Gen 3 Apple TV to replacce my Nexus TV. I've still got my Nexus TV and it still works great in 2020, I just wanted something with a more controlled system, something that worked better with my iPhone.
  • OneBlink went and bought me a shiny new Macbook Pro, complete with 32g ram, SSD, 4k resolution. I've been able to turn video editing around even faster now with a quicker machine.
  • I upgraded my iPhone x to an iPhone 11 Max Pro
  • And, I bought myself a Series 5 Apple watch

🤔 a watch? Anyone who know's me will tell you i'm not the most active person. Sure I had stints in 4th grade rugby for The Woodies (Eastwood Rugby) before a friendly Samoan helped me hyper extend my left knee and I did play district football (soccer) in my teens but my exercise these days is limited to walking the dogs on the beach and swimming, partly so I don't ever inflame, re-injure that knee again.

So why I watch and more importanly, why a $700 watch when I've never owned a smart watch before.

Because I'm an Apple fanboy